Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Time to jump, jump, jump.........

Last week Soren turned 4 months. His head control is now excellent and he is getting stronger on his feet. He loves to bounce around now, so we thought we would pull out Astrid's jolly jumper and give it a whirl.  Astrid got the jolly jumper as her Christmas present from her great grandparents for her first Christmas and was 5 months when we first put her in it. It was her favourite activity until she was around 12 months and learnt to walk........ then it lost it's appeal!

We weren't sure how Soren would go with the jolly jumper. At first he looked a little concerned as Anto strapped him in.........

Then he figured out he could swing around and do a little bouncing......... he was still a little tentative on his feet but suddenly this wasn't so bad after all!

Then Soren figured out that Jolly Jumpers rock......... and he was off and racing! Jumping, spinning, turning and grinning away.  There were even some funky dance moves in there!

 He was a jumping superstar ........ and how proud did he look!

I see more jolly jumping in our future!

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  1. What a brave little man with a gorgeous 'how smart am I' smile


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