Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Sibling love

Astrid has been excited about being a big sister since the moment she found out we were having another baby. I thought she might have less enthusiasm for the concept, once the reality of a baby that demands much of the time and attention that used to be devoted to her, hit home.

Three months down the track though, she still adores her little brother.  She has never shown any jealousy towards him and loves to help look after him.  For a 2 year old she seems very understanding of how much attention a small baby needs.  She loves to play with Soren and talk to him, and Soren adores the sound of her non-stop chatter.  He pretty much reserves his fits of giggles for Astrid. It is adorable to watch.

The other day Astrid was giving Soren some cuddles on the couch so I thought it wise to get some pictures.  I'm sure one day (probably soon) they will be fighting like cat and dog, so I might need to frame these to remember when they adored each other! Astrid 2.5 years & Soren 3 months

She loves to cuddle her brother (and he doesn't mind a good big sister cuddle either) ..........

........ and give him kisses too!

Astrid loves to check out Soren's tiny feet and hands. She is always asking when he will get big and how he grows. The other day she told me he is 'half big now'. Well he is certainly bigger than when she first met him, but the toddler measurement scale is a weird one! When I was shooting these frames, Astrid was telling me how big her feet were compared to Soren's and how tiny his hands looked compared to hers. Too cute!

Ever the posers, they provided way too many cute shots for me. I think they look pretty gorgeous in black and white! Some of these might have to end up on the wall.....

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